InstaKash App – New Self Earning App, Earn Daily Rs.500 Paytm Cash ( Without Investment ).

InstaKash App – New Self Earning App, Earn Daily Rs.500 Paytm Cash ( Without Investment ).

Free Paytm Cash, Best Self Earning App, Earn money online, Hello Google Tricks Users !! I am back in During this pandemic lockdown, with new best self earning app to earn real Paytm cash so why waste your time and data on these social sites or binge-watching. Instead you can utilize this time in earning money and that too in a very easy way. and the most important thing is that you have to earn instant Paytm cash without any investment.

The only thing you need is to download the InstaKash app! To make money, you just Sign-up in InstaKash App & that is a very easy sign-up process and that too from the comfort of your home through your smartphone.

InstaKash is a money earning app easily available on Google Play Store of size 10 Mb. This has been designed by Ocroplus in which you need to solve tasks & that is very simple and secure to start earning which includes verification of data points.

So what are you waiting for, hurry, and grab this opportunity to earn cash!

InstaKash App Payment Proof ( Instant Payment App )
InstaKash App Payment Proof ( Instant Payment App )

First You Have To See Instacash App Payment Proof, & this is instant Payment With No Minimum Redeem ( if you have earned 0.10 rupees then that amount you will also able to transfer in your Paytm account in a daily basis, it’s amazing )


Step:1 First CLICK HERE  & open it then you will be redirected to the play store. Use this referral code ERHgafXuQS to get 10Rs instantly

Step:2 Click on install and wait for downloading & installing.

Step:3 And Yay! Within a few seconds, it will be downloaded. Let’s proceed further on using it

downlaod instakash app

How To Sign-Up On Instakash App & Earn Paytm Cash.

After install, you will open the app first. You will see something like this on your phone screen.

how to sign up in instakash app

Since you are new to it, you have to create an account for yourself. To do so, click on the Create User option. This will lead you to a new page where you will be asked to fill in some details of yours.

 Step:1 Enter your phone number. (*It must be active as an OTP will be sent to it for verification.)

Step:2 Create a password.

*It should fulfill the given criteria ie;

1. Must be at least 6 characters.

2. Include uppercase as well as lowercase alphabets.

3. Should have a number.

4. Must include a special character.

*This one is optional.

Step:3 Adding your email id.

Step:4 Select the checkbox which says agree to terms and conditions.

Step:5 Click on the Register button.

Within a few seconds, you will get the verification code via SMS to the phone number provided by you.

Enter the code and click on create an account. Once your account is created you can log in anytime.

How to use Instakash App & Earn Free Paytm Cash.

Once you are done with creating the account. You will see the following screen.

instakash app

The first one keeps stats of your data including your task summary and accuracy of the tasks completed. The only thing you have to keep in mind that a minimum of 90% accuracy is required to earn a specific amount. For getting a task, click on Earn money now. You can set the time range for tasks from 1 hour to 5 days *(I would advise you to set it to 5 days for ease as you won’t get a task each time you wish. Sometimes it may delay but keep on tapping the earned money now button multiple times and the problem will be sorted).

Before starting the original task work, you will be provided a demo about the task categories and its completion. It generally includes the date, amount, text strings, multi-type, and word tasks.

The middle button ie Balance keeps track of your current balance in the InstaKash Wallet. Also, you may find a detailed description about the pricing of each task type and your earnings. You can withdraw your money anytime from the InstaKAsh wallet and transfer it to your Paytm wallet by clicking on the withdraw option down below the page. (*A minimum of Rs.5 is must require for withdrawing).

There are some steps to withdraw cash from instakash app –

  • First, you have earned some money from completing the tasks.
  • Then you will show cash you have earned.
  • There are many ways to withdraw money from the app.
  • Instakash app has four ways to get money.
  • If anyone wants to withdraw money instantly then
  • Follow the steps shown in the photo.
how to withdraw money from Instakash app
how to withdraw money from Instakash app

The Account option includes your profile details. You may even see a tutorial button available there. Update the required details and go earning.

If  You facing any issues to earn money from the Instakash app then watch this video.


So guys, what are you waiting for? Pick your phones up and grab this opportunity to earn real cash without any investments, just by installing InstaKash! This type of thing comes once in a while, so HURRY!!!

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