winzo app referral code : Earn Rs 25/Refer

In recent years, online gaming has gained immense popularity among people of all ages. From casual gamers to serious gamers, everyone is looking for an exciting and engaging gaming experience. And that’s where the Winzo app comes in.

Winzo is a popular gaming app that offers a variety of games, including puzzle games, action games, and trivia games, among others. In this article, we will discuss how to use the Winzo app referral code and how to get rewards from it.

winzo app referral code/ Refer and Earn

Winzo refer and earn program allows users to invite their friends to join the Winzo app. When a user shares their referral code with their friends and joins the app using your referral link, both the user and their friend get rewarded with Winzo cash.

This is a win-win situation for both parties, as the user gets Winzo cash that can be used to play games and the friend gets to experience the exciting world of Winzo gaming.

Step 1. Open the Winzo app on your device.

Step 2. Go to the “Refer and Earn” section of the app.

winzo app referral code

Step 3. Copy your unique referral link.

winzo app referral code

Step 4. Share the referral code with your friends via social media, email, or any other messaging app.

Step 5. When your friend joins the Winzo app using your referral code, both of you will receive Winzo cash.

When you’re friends join the winzo app using your referral link and play their first game. Then, you will get Rs25.

What is WinZo App?

WinZo App is a type of game-playing platform where you can play games and earn money. You can play many types of games on WinZo.

Here you get more than 100+ games like Cricket, Ludo, and so on in the app. You can play easily and you can win money from it. You can easily withdraw the won money.

How to Download and Install WinZo App

You have to follow these steps to download and install WinZo App.

#1   Visit the website

For this, first of all, you have to go to this website only then you can install WinZo App or you can download WinZo App from our given link.

When you open this website from your Desktop, you will get your Phone No. Have to give After which SMS comes on your phone. With the help of which you can download the WinZo App.

#2 Click on Download & Get 50.

 If you open this website on mobile then you will see the option of Download & Get 50. Where you can download WinZo App by clicking.

Now install WinZo App

When you download this app, then after that you have to download WinZo App. You must have known the method of which.

When you download and install WinZo App. After that, you have to register yourself on this App. Only after this, you will be able to play the game in WinZo App.

How to register on WinZo App

When you download and install WinZo App, now you have to register on it. You can register yourself on WinZo using these methods.

  1. Open the WinZo App.
  2. Choose your preferred language and continue.
  3. Phone no. Enter and click on Send Code.
  4. Your OTP will be automatically verified.
  5. Give Avtar and Name information.
  6. Click on Complete Profile.
  7. Now you will be registered in WinZo App.

How to earn from WinZo App 

 When you have registered yourself on this App, now the question will be coming to your mind how you can earn money from WinZo App?

You can earn money from WinZo App in many ways. We have given you information below, the methods by which you can earn money from WinZo App.

#1. earn money by playing game

Now if you sign up on WinZo, then you can play many types of games on WinZo and earn money with the help of this.

You can find popular games on the WinZo app like this – Space Warrior,  Free Fire, Knife Up, Memory Mania, Fruit Samurai, Cricket, Carom, Crazy Quiz, Bubble Shooter, and many more.

#2. earn money from the free fire tournament

The tournament is also the second biggest and best way to earn money from WinZo Game App. If you are also very good at Free Fire then you must register for the tournament on it.

When you register for Free Fire’s tournament on it, you are told Custom and its password.

After which you can easily join the tournament by opening your Free Fire Game and entering Custom and Custom Password in it.

After which your tournament starts at the given time on WinZo and the more you kill in that tournament, the more money you will get for the kill.

#3. earn money from spin to win

When you open the WinZo App, you see the Wheel of Spin To Win. If you roam then you get money from it.

Now with Spin To Win you can earn from Rs 2 to Rs 1000. Let us tell you that you also get to spin it daily.

#4. Earn money from WinZo App Refer 

Now, this method is used by many people. For this, you have to refer to WinZo App. When you refer to this App, you are given a link.

You have to share the given link and whenever someone downloads WinZo App from your link, you get 100 rupees.

In this way, if 10 people download WinZo App from your given link, then you will easily earn 1000 rupees.

Keep one thing in mind when 25 people will download from your link, only then you can ask for that money in your bank account.

#5. Earn money from WinZo App’s WorldWar 

To play WinZo WorldWar you must have at least 2 rupees in your wallet. Will be able to play this game. In this, you have to play by making your own team.

There are many teams in this. A toss is done for which team you will go to. After this, you have to choose a card. Only then your team can be decided.

In this, the money won by your team is distributed equally among all the team members. The biggest advantage you have in this is that if you could not play the game well but your team wins, then you also get money from it.

#6. Earn money from Daily Puzzle

In this, you mainly have to solve the puzzle. You can win from 500 to 1000 rupees by playing this game. In this, when you join the game, the joining fees of all the games are different.

#7. earn money from winzobaazi 

Inside WinZobaazi, you also get many other apps like Rummy and Ludo. In this, you can play many types of category games like Teen Pati, Battle, Card Games, Cricket Game, as well as many types of category games.

#8. Earn money from WinZo Store 

WinZo store is a type of store that gives a lot of games like – Free Fire,  Pubg, and many other things that come in many games at a huge discount. You can earn from your friends by taking a little less than the amount of money it takes to buy anything in the game.

 How to withdraw money from Winzo 

You can transfer the money won from WinZo App to your Paytm, UPI ID, or directly to the bank. In this, to withdraw money, you should have at least three rupees in your Wallet,  only then you can withdraw money from it.

Who is the owner of the WinZo App? And which country is this company from?

WinZo App is founded by  Pawan Nanda and  Somya Singh Rathore and is headquartered in New Delhi. WinZo App was launched on October 2016. If we look at the present, the total number of users of the Visa app is more than 50 million.

Does Winzo really give real money?

Yes, the Winzo app gives you real money which you can also ask for in your bank account. Many people do not use Winzo App because they think that they do not get money on Winzo, if you are also among those people, then tell you that Winzo App can earn you absolutely Real Money.

How to play if you run out of money from the Winzo app?

After running out of money in the Winzo app, you can add money in WinZo Wallet to your bank account or UPI, after which you can easily play all the games given in Winzo.


Winzo app referral code is a great way to get free Winzo cash and enjoy an exciting gaming experience. By following the above steps, you can easily use your referral code and invite your friends to join the Winzo app. So what are you waiting for? Start sharing your referral code and get rewarded!

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